EV Charger Installation


Solar Smart Living specializes in ClipperCreek charging stations for electric cars in both commercial and residential settings. Whether you drive an electric car or are considering the benefits of making the switch from a diesel or gasoline vehicle, it’s wise to consider the benefits of electric vehicles on both the environment and on your personal finances.

Many people ask about whether there is a standard connector for all plug-in vehicles. The answer to this question is yes, the industry standard connector in North America is the SAE J1772 connector, and ClipperCreek charging stations come standard with this connector. These charging stations also work with the onboard timer within the vehicle for simple charging. We also have charging stations for your Tesla!

Choosing the Best Installation for an At-Home Charger

Many electric car drivers choose to install chargers at their home for simplicity, and this is especially convenient if more than one person in the family drives an electric vehicle. Solar Smart Living will help you determine which charger is the ideal choice for your home, and ensure that the installation process goes as smoothly as possible.

How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Business

Businesses and commercial centers are also installing more car charging stations recently. This is a smart move for several reasons. Electric vehicle parking spots make for good branding and are consistent with companies who promote sustainability and innovation. You can have confidence in our EV charger installation! Solar Smart Living has the expertise to ensure that your business has the best possible charger stations for your customers.