Get an instant ballpark solar estimate using satellites!!

Get an instant ballpark solar estimate using satellites!!


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Energy Storage

Don’t Get Left In the Dark

We Have Something Better than a Generator

Why Energy Storage (ESS)?

Lithium Ion Batteries provide energy security and choice.  In your home, they can store your solar energy for later or provide backup power during emergencies.  In your business, they can keep your doors open and customers taken care of when the power goes out.

Solar Energy Production Plus Storage

Don’t Waste a Ray of Your Solar Power

Energy storage (ESS) can work with your Solar PV System to bring you free around-the-clock solar energy.   When adding ESS to your Solar PV systems you are able to store most of the energy you produce during for use at night and during grid outages. It’s essential for energy autonomy and for a brighter, greener future.

Energy Security & Independence

Peace of Mind With Energy Storage

Lithium Ion Batteries can be used as a backup generator during power outages caused by weather and other outages.  Enjoy solar power 24-hours a day for your everyday routines and in emergencies.  Even if you don’t have solar power, you can still have back up power.  sonnen can be used to store grid energy and provide that to your home in the event of a power outage.

So How Much Energy Storage Do You Need?

The amount of ESS you need varies just as much as how much solar you may need.  It depends on various factors such as how much energy you use each day and each night.   Do you only need it for emergencies or do you want to completely run everything in your house when the power goes out?  Or, are you confortable backing up just your necessities?

LG Chem RESU10H High-Voltage ESS

An Energy Storage System (ESS) can store surplus energy generated from rooftop solar panels for use when needed. When the sun has set, if energy demand is high, or there is a black-out, you can use the energy stored in your ESS to meet your energy needs at no extra cost. In the case of a grid-tied solar system which automatically switches off, a battery storage system allows you to keep generating and consuming energy when the grid goes down. In addition, an ESS helps you pursue the goal of energy self-consumption and ultimately energy-independence

RESU10H Benefits

• Charge during off-peak times.
• Discharge during peak times.


• Store solar energy generated from your solar panels for future use.

Emergency Power Backup

• Discharge during a blackout, functions as back-up power.

LG Chem RESU Warranty

Term of Performance Warranty

10 years from the date of purchase

Warranty of Performance

LGC warrants that the battery retains at least 80% of Nominal Energy for 7 years after the date of invoice and at least 60% of Nominal Energy for 10 years after under proper conditions of the use during the Term of Performance Warranty. Please contact us for details.


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