Financing and Incentives:
Options for Homeowners and Businesses

Financing your solar panels with Solar Smart Living is easy and affordable.


Residential Financing

At Solar Smart Living we have some amazing financing offers with monthly payments that are lower than your current electric bill! Payments for a residential system may start at under $70 per month with our unbelievable 3.99% APR Solar Loan Financing.

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Commercial Financing
Purchase or Lease Your Solar Systems

Commercial Financing comes in a range of options. Businesses may purchase or lease through capital or operating leases. Learn more about these options by setting up an appointment with our Commercial Systems Specialist.

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Government Incentives

Incentives for New Mexico Residents

Take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit:

Property Tax Exemption:

Gross Receipt Tax Exemption

New Solar Market Development Income Tax Credit – March 2020

“New Solar Market Development Income Tax Credit” was passed by the 2020 New Mexico Legislature. Senate Bill 29 was sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart and Representative Matthew McQueen. This bill provides a 10% tax credit with a value up to $6,000 for a solar system.

Solar Smart Living helps you take care of all the Paperwork