Protect your solar panels from pests with a Critter Guard

Solar panels offer a cleaner, more efficient way to meet energy needs. However, outdoor pests, like pigeons and squirrels, tend to wreak havoc on solar systems, which could wind up costing installers and homeowners more time and money in the future.

Many animals like to use solar panels for shelter, but end up causing irreparable damage. These pigeons, squirrels, and other rooftop animals can easily destroy newly installed solar panel systems within a matter of days.

Pigeons and Solar Panels Don’t go together

When we finally decide to go solar and make the investment in a system that produces clean energy for our home or business, we don’t really think about pests.  We are thinking about saving money, producing clean renewable energy, and adding to the value of our home or business.   After all, the panels are on our roof in most cases.  What could possibly harm them up there?

Read more on our blog about potential damage to solar panels by pigeons.


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What Our Clients Say

Pat W

Had the Solar Smart Living system for almost 8 years, works great but just recently it became a place for the pigeons to find a shady area (even had a nest). I was concerned about the wiring underneath, contacted SSL and they had a solution. Installed a critter guard around all the panels. The installers from SSL did a great job, we’re here for about three hours and you can’t even see the guard. I am happy with the results. Thank you, Larry and Paulina, and the installers for providing a solution for this situation.

Luis H

The Solar Smart Living team is incredible! We got solar panels and a heat pump for our pool from them and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. Andrew, Oscar and the entire SSL team are the best.

Mike W

Our system has worked flawlessly for over 10 years. Recently, we saw a drop in production. I called SSL and a support team visited in two days. The guys were professional and informative. They replaced 2 fuses and our production jumped back to normal levels. A good team and good service!