Sense Monitoring Add-on For Solar Energy Systems


Sense is the next generation of energy consumption monitoring intelligence.  Take the energy you are now producing with your solar system and get even more details about how you are using that energy in your home.  Sense is a great add-on for your solar energy system or the means to arm yourself with the information to justify going solar and designing it right.

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Save Energy and Money.

Saving starts with understanding your home’s energy use. It’s one thing to be producing clean energy for your home but truly knowing how you are using it and on what, is equally important. Sense gives you the data and information you need to take action on high-usage devices or appliances. With the information Sense provides, the average user can save between 6-9% or more. How much could you save?

Sense Intelligence

Sense uses machine learning to look at all the power in your home and pick apart the individual devices that are on and off. It’s a unified view of the dumb and smart devices in your home through just one app. It will pin-point individual appliances and devices.  Sense also integrates with your Solar Smart Living App.

Avoid Disaster.

Knowing what’s happening in your home comes in handy. See if devices like your AC, refrigerator or dryer are running with extra high loads, or running too much.   Perhaps they are getting ready to give out.  Sense arms you with that info.  At or away from home, Sense can give you warning of problems before they get out of hand with built in and programmable alerts.  Kids been on the Playstation too long?  Left the garage door open?  Your freezer compressor has not turned on for 8-10 hours?  It might not be working.  You better check it before that food spoils.

Planning on adding energy storage?

Sense records interval data in 30 minute increments so you can plan for how much storage you will need without guessing.  This provides detailed energy consumption information that can be used in the design of energy storage for your home.  This way you can use your stored energy more wisely especially, when time of use (TOU) rates become the norm and not just voluntary.

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