Why Mitsubishi Electric
is the smart choice

Mitsubishi’s Multi-zone Hyper-Heating INVERTER®

Combine a Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump with your solar PV system for enhanced savings and get more value out of your solar energy system.

This technology is designed to provide comfortable indoor temperatures in cold-climate conditions while saving energy and money.

We proudly offer HVAC services in El Paso, Texas, and Las Cruces, NM to help you and your loved ones alleviate the seasonal allergies while providing comfort and savings to every home.   Mitsubishi Mini Splits are convenient and easy to install.

A mini-split heat pump can usually be installed on the same day in a safe and efficient manner.  Air conditioning units from Mitsubishi allow customers to breathe clean and comfortable air with filters that are easily changed every two or three months.  So if you have asthma, seasonal allergies or dust allergies look no further and BREATHE EASY! with a ductless mini-split system from Solar Smart Living.

Powering a Mini Split with Solar Energy

The less energy your home requires on a day-to-day basis, the smaller the solar system you will need to install in order to offset your electricity usage. Since space heating and air conditioning can account for up to half of all of your energy usage, the more efficient your heating and cooling equipment are, the greater the savings you can see from your custom designed solar electric system!  That’s why it’s a great idea to combine a mini split heat pump with a solar PV system.


Combining Solar Power & Mini Splits

As a homeowner here in the southwest, there is no doubt you have seen some of your friends and neighbors install solar panels on their roofs or somewhere on their property to help offset their carbon emissions and energy costs. As you consider solar for your home are you worried your heating and cooling equipment may waste all of that renewable energy on an inefficient and outdated furnace or air conditioners.

Advantages of Ductless
Heating and Cooling Systems

Lowers your carbon footprint!

The small size of a ductless cooling system and its zoning capabilities allows for greater energy efficiency. Ductless heating and air conditioning systems follow ENERGY STAR guidelines, which means they are far more energy-efficient than the minimum standards set forth by the U.S. federal government. Improved efficiency saves money, of course, but it also helps reduce your total carbon output. Additionally, ductless systems take advantage of advances in chemistry to reduce effects on the environment. Ductless systems use a refrigerant called R410A, which is known for its zero ozone depletion potential. This means the system will have less impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle. Ductless air conditioning and heating systems are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and completely customizable. They offer homeowners the ability to cool and heat specific zones of their home to the exact temperature they desire, providing consistent and exceptional year-round comfort.

They improve indoor air quality – Happy breathing!

Oftentimes, the quality of indoor air can actually be lower than the quality of outdoor air. With traditional HVAC systems, air ducts must be professionally cleaned on a regular basis, and even after cleaning, dust and allergens are left behind. Airborne pathogens have a better chance of spreading throughout the household.  Ductless air conditioning and heating systems, on the other hand, offer multi-stage filtration that can drastically reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates in the air.   Since they are associated with a specific zone, airborne pathogens have a lesser chance of spreading throughout the house.

They save you money!

Whereas traditional heat pumps and central air conditioning systems force cooled and heated air through ducts, ductless heating and cooling systems deliver air directly into different zones. They are comprised of a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that require nothing more than mounting capabilities and access to electricity.

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