We are the Home Electrification

Whether you want to produce your own solar energy or cool that “hotspot” room with an energy-efficient mini-split; renovate a kitchen or bathroom, or if you want to design your whole house from the ground up, let us know.  Our design and engineering teams can help you with all of it.

Take a look at the image below and hover over the different areas of the house in order to get an idea of what Solar Smart Living can do to help you and your family have a more comfortable and efficient home.

The ultimate
sustainable energy
is yours for the

Welcome to our award winning Camino Leon model home!

HVAC-House Solar Panels In El Paso Texas

Key features that help make this home eco-friendly and sustainable

  • Solar PV System
  • Battery Storage
  • EV Charger
  • HVAC/Mitsubishi Heat Pump Mini-Splits
  • Heat Pump Dryer
  • Timer Recirculation Hot Water Loop
  • Energy Efficient Ceiling Exhaust Fan
  • Double-Studded Walls
  • Double-Glazed Automated Windows
  • Pool Heating System
  • Septic Tank
  • Native Landscaping

Sustainable Living and Interior Design Services

Whether you are looking to build, or need help with Interior Design, Solar Smart Living offers free consultations to help you live in the eco-home of your dreams!

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