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Looking for a way to save even more money when going solar?

Limited-time special promotion where you can go solar and also get a Mitsubishi Mini Split or a Whole Home Water Softener System installed.  Not only can you save money on going solar but also on your heating and cooling energy costs and by improving water quality?

Financing options are available!

Limited Time Offer

Already Have Solar?

Integrate a Mitsubishi Mini-Split and Whole-house Water Softener for only $90/month!

The Puronics® Hydronex® iGen® C whole-house Chlorostatic®

water softener and filter combo system

This system helps clean your water and protects your appliances and water pipes.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Softer Skin and Hair
  • Food Tastes Better
  • Dishes are Cleaner and You Use Less Soap
  • Better Tasting Beverages