Get a quick solar estimate on our site

Get a quick solar estimate from our website. You will find a very helpful button located on the home page.  There is also one at the top of the side bar of any article on our blog. Both take you to an interactive tool that will create a custom ballpark solar estimate for your home.

Powered by Google Project Sun Roof

We use satellite data from Google Project Sunroof to drive the calculations behind our tool.  It uses your address location and any sunlight and shading data from your home to power these calculations.  If your home is too new, it might not show up.  In that case, the data will be based on the lot and surrounding areas.  Regardless, you will get a pretty close estimate of what the amount of available solar energy is beating down at your location.

Once you put in your address, you will be directed through a series of qualifying questions.  You will be able to upload a copy of your electric bill as well as schedule an ideal time for a consultation appointment.  This streamlines the process of getting a quote and also helps us respect your valuable time.

Go over your solar estimate and design in a no-pressure consultation

After we have had time to review your electric bill and the layout of your roof, we’ll complete a preliminary design.  One of our experienced energy consultants will then go over the design with you by phone or virtual meeting.   At that time, they will answer your questions and discuss options for going solar.  Whether you take our recommendations or not, will be up to you.  In any case, you will leave that consultation, better informed and feeling good about your decision.

While you are on our website, read through the great resources we have for you.  You’ll find blog articles and other information about solar, energy storage, electric vehicle charging and more.  We give you tips about how to read your bill or your contract.  We even talk about how important it is to research the solar company you are planning to do business with.

Read our BBB and Google reviews. Don’t take our word about our quality and experience.   Let our customers speak for us.   Compare our reviews with those of any other companies you are talking with.  We cannot emphasize how important that is.  You would be shocked to hear how many solar customers we speak with that can’t even get their solar company to call them back.

So take your time and look around.   But before you leave, make sure to get your free ballpark solar estimate.

About the author
Alan Morgan

Alan is a solar and sustainable energy advocate. He has served the renewables industry for over 5 years for companies such as Solar City and Tesla and now acts as the Director of Business and Market Development for Solar Smart Living.