Lighting Retrofits

Saving Money Begins with Lighting

Solar Smart Living has the know-how and resources to save you money with lighting retrofits. This is the first step that should be taken when considering reducing overhead costs and improving energy efficiency. It has a short payback period, it reduces energy demand, and it improves the overall employee workspace environment – which will increase productivity.

There is a wide range of lighting retrofit incentives and programs for commercial and industrial buildings. Solar Smart Living guides you through the application process for the incentives so that you can make the most of your investment.

Other Services

Energy Monitoring

Monitor your energy usage with top-of-the-line equipment so that you do not exceed a demand load peak set point. Monitoring energy can reduce demand charges and reduce energy usage at peak hours to save you money and improve efficiency.

Energy Management System (EMS)

Manage energy usage efficiently and reduce your electric bill. Energy management systems are being installed every day for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and large office spaces. The return on investment is fast and it can improve the overall atmosphere of the workplace.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

If you are looking to remodel or build a new building we can provide invaluable information and support that will help you save money.

About the author
Alan Morgan

Alan is a solar and sustainable energy advocate. He has served the renewables industry for over 5 years for companies such as Solar City and Tesla and now acts as the Director of Business and Market Development for Solar Smart Living.