Solar Rate Hike Plan Sparks Debate

Tom Laign, an Eastside resident, recently signed a contract with a local company to put solar panels on the roof of his house, a $20,000 commitment.

Like other El Pasoans who have invested in expensive solar equipment on their homes, Laign looks forward to the day when the system is paid for and he no longer has to pay for power. He expects to recoup his investment in about 12 years.

“I recognize that right now I am going to be paying more money up front, but I will reap more benefits down the road,” said Laign, who is 50.

But a proposal to change the way El Paso Electric bills its customers with rooftop solar, which would mean those with solar would have to pay a special charge, has sparked a fierce debate.

About the author
Alan Morgan

Alan is a solar and sustainable energy advocate. He has served the renewables industry for over 5 years for companies such as Solar City and Tesla and now acts as the Director of Business and Market Development for Solar Smart Living.